Clinical Trial Site Management Services

Establishing As A Clinical Trial Site

Establishing as a clinical trial site

If you are new to clinical research, we can help assist you to find the most suitable trials to match your interests.

CUREOS have a range of services which can help
support clinical research at your practice depending on
your needs.

Are You A Clinician With A Passion For Improved Outcomes?

Are you a clinician with a passion for improved outcomes?

Clinical trials can be a valuable addition to your private practice and provide your patients with the latest therapies to treat their conditions. Learn more by reading our guides for ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Seeking a rewarding career?

If you are interested in becoming involved with clinical research, we’d like to talk to you.

We Can Help You Get Started

We can customise a solution to fit your needs. Whether you are new to clinical trials at your practice, or you just need some extra support. This can include:
  • Helping you streamline your research activities
  • Assistance from our experienced team of research coordinators and clinical research staff
  • On-site support by our research team
  • Assistance with time consuming administrative processes such as study start-up, contract and budget negotiations, and ethics submission
The CUREOS team can also provide remote support to ease the burden on your on-site staff so they can focus on patient care.

If you would like to further investigate establishing as a research site, please contact us.