Trial Participants


If you think you may be eligible to participate in a trial, it is best to email us at for further discussions.

Your doctor and trial team will explain the details of the specific study. After you have been provided with all the necessary information and have consented, you may be asked about your general health and medical history. You may also be required to undergo various assessments and health checks during your visit to assess your eligibility.

A referral is not required but it will help our team in their assessment of your eligibility for a trial.

Participation in a clinical trial is completely voluntary, you may choose to withdraw your consent at any-time, and this will not affect your current or future care from your doctor.

This will depend on the clinical trial; some studies may restrict the use of concurrent medications which may interact or confound the efficacy of the drug being tested. This will be discussed with you at your trial assessment.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, please contact our team.