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The CUREOS team of researchers and eye specialists

About Cureos

CUREOS is a network of research minded clinicians dedicated to investigating innovative treatments among a range of therapeutic areas; specialising in ophthalmology.

cureos team

Dedicated to improved treatments and better outcomes

Dedicated to better health outcomes, we work in close collaboration with doctors, clinicians, pharmaceutical and biotech companies in Australia and around the world, to develop and run studies designed to help improve people’s quality of life by reducing treatment burdens and finding new therapies.

CUREOS has 30 years of combined experience

We are an experienced team

The CUREOS team includes orthoptists, optometrists,
scientists, ophthalmologists and researchers.

With over 30 years of combined experience in clinical  and epidemiological research, we understand the importance of high-quality research, and have vast expertise in customising research solutions to meet specific needs.

Team Members

CUREOS Global Clinical Trial Network

We have a global reach

We are also able to draw on our team of network investigators from Australia and around the globe, which is invaluable in helping us to fully comprehend our patient’s needs.