Cureos, a part of the Acurio Health Group

"Finding questions that need to be answered"

CUREOS is proud to be part of the Acurio Health Group which consists of a short stay and specialist maternity hospital, day hospitals, clinics, research and specialist centres.

Our passion for improving health treatments drives our team of researchers to be innovative in our approach and accurate in studies.

Cureos Vision

Our Vision

Our team is passionate about health. As clinicians, The CUREOS team understands how having a medical condition can not only affect our patient’s physical wellbeing, but can also profoundly impact their emotional wellbeing. We also understand the importance of individual’s maintaining their independence and the impact and burden medical conditions have on family members, friends and the wider community.

This ensures we consider all aspects of our patients life and enables us to keep focussed on our vision:

To reduce treatment burden and improve quality of life.

Professional Clinical Research Services - Cureos

Our Mission

The CUREOS team embrace the power of collaboration, and are committed to working in a symbiotic relationship with passionate researchers around the globe.

Our mission is to transform life through healthcare innovation and be at the forefront of improved patient outcomes by working collaboratively with research minded clinicians and industry around the world to “answer the questions which need to be asked.”

The CUREOS Clinical Research Network provides research trials, site management and medical writing.